Who We Are

Alemam Dairy and Foodstuffs Company Founded the Imam Dairy and foodstuffs in 1990 by City Mahalla on the Ring on an area of 2000 square meters the way the site was chosen after studying good to be close to our dairy farms produce which is The main source of production .

The company began its activity in the Romy cheese production in which the company characterized as other since it depends in the manufacture of cheese at their own turkey products from the product's raw materials And because the company has a self-sufficient and this is illustrated by photos and videos, the company attached • stages of the development of production of new varieties have been added, including the manufacture of cheese and Alpramely Aldobl cream and Alasitnboly Because of the efficiency of the company and engineers with extensive experience in the production of Types of canned cheese and milk have been added for the manufacture of a new production line of white cheese ((light salt)) and feta cheese Alasitnboly light was also added to the production line of cheddar cheese of all kinds And Alkery and Almh municipal Almurth also have a production line for the product packaging and marketing an integrated device which allows us to connect the product to any place in the world as the company characterized as manufactures the product on According to the client The company is a leader in the export where we export the product to some Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Libya to be arrived product to the USA Due To differentiate the company in the field of manufacturing and the introduction of modern scientific technology in manufacturing is increasing export field day after day and the company making a certified supplier of hotels, resorts and tourist villages Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh and Marsa Matrouh North Coast

Certificates • a company forward and foodstuffs has a degree iso22000 • Received a certificate industrial record of the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade ((General Authority for Industrial Development Industrial restricted register No. 31 335 • holds a card under the exporters in the record of the General Authority for the control of exports and imports number 1000435 • Received a certificate organic food industry room number 233 The goals of the company • The company is seeking to development and lasting success, God willing, through the development of manufacturing tools in line with the modern age technology • The company also aims to increase overseas exports, helping to bring foreign investments to Egypt and the introduction of foreign currency upgrade the Egyptian economy • The company also seeks to ease the burden on the Egyptian citizen by offering the lowest prices in light of the increase in prices of other goods to enjoy the company self-sufficient in manufacturing Alemam Dairy and Foodstuffs Company